It’s 💗 love week! Just a couple more days till Valentine’s and even though we don’t really go out of our way to make this day unlike any other, it’s a useful day to give our loved ones that extra boost of *heart thumps*.

What gives you an extra thump? Is it a word or two to let you know you’re appreciated? Is it extra time spent with just the two of you alone? Is it a lingering hug or kiss that melts you and let’s you know you’re wanted? Is it a gift 💝 given with extra thought? Or is it a way to serve you in a way that brings joy to your spirit?

Whatever it may be, I pray your love tank be filled by the Father first. And I encourage for you and your spouse or loved one to know one another’s love language and fill ‘er up, not just on Valentine’s, but vigilantly on a consistent basis.

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